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Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s finest beach destinations including Zanzibar, a beautiful islands with world-class coral reefs and palm-fringed beaches.

With miles and miles of beautiful beaches lined with palm trees and luxurious lodges, it’s no wonder that Zanzibar Island is the perennial destination for those seeking some sand and sun after a safari. Meanwhile Pemba, located just north of Zanzibar Island, may not have the cotton-white beaches of Unguja (referred to as Zanzibar Island) however, its diving is world-class. In the south, Mafia Island revivals Pemba as an ‘off the beaten track’ escape thanks to its wonderful sea life spotting, especially during whale shark and turtle season, and its laidback atmosphere.

Made even more special for the fact that it is often overlooked, Tanzania’s mainland coast is virtually untouched by tourism. Head just south of Dar es Salaam and you’ll fall right into the cosseting arms of Ras Kutani – one of our all-time favourite beach lodges.

The close proximity to Tanzania’s safari parks makes Tanzania the finest and most affordable safari and beach destination in Africa.


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