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Day 1: Arusha to Lake Manyara National Park

Breakfast at your hotel, your guide will pick you up for a quick briefing. Then you will head out of town towards Lake Manyara National Park 1.5 hr drive. There will be a chance for you to stop at a super market for snacks and beverages. Once you enter the park you’ll have a nice game drive. You’ll make your way to the picnic cite for lunch and a chance to view the lake. After lunch you’ll have another game drive. As the sun starts to set then you’ll make your way out of the park to your camp for dinner and good nights rest.

Day 2 & 3: Serengeti National Park

Breakfast at your camp in the morning. Pack all your belonging and head towards the endless plains of Serengeti. First you’ll drive on on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater. Once you get to the gate of Serengeti you’ll have the chance to go on a short hike to stretch your legs and have lunch. After lunch you’ll enter Serengeti National Park and start your game drive. Once the sun starts to set you’ll make your way to camp in the center of the park for a nice dinner. There is also a good chance that you will hear animals in the nigh but not to worry the animals won’t make there way into camp.

Early in the morning you will rise for a sunrise game drive. There’s a great chance to you will see some action (hunting) because the animals are the most active in the early mornings. So you will want to wake up early! After your game drive you’ll go back to camp and have brunch. Then you’ll pack up camp and make your way out of the park to the rim of Ngorongoro for dinner and a good nights sleep.

Day 4: Ngorongoro Crater

Early in the morning you will rise have a bite to eat and have the opportunity to enter the crater at sunrise. This is a great time to see some action (hunting) as well as see the all animals in their most active time. You’ll enjoy the different landscapes that the crater has to offer, driving through the forests, swaps, and planes. The rhinos live in the crater so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a the famous black rhino. You will make your way to the hippo pond for lunch and a chance to stretch your legs. After lunch you will finish your game drive through the crater and drive back to camp for a time to relax, have dinner and a good nights rest.

Day 5: Lake Eyasi tour trip (hadzabe, datoga)

In the morning have a quick bite and make your way to Lake Eyasi. Enjoy a walking safaris on the trail that gives you the relaxed pace you need to study the delicate flora and smaller denizens that are found near the lake. Your guide enlightens you about the plant and animal species that you encounter along the way, as well as tracking techniques, medicinal uses of plants. Ancient traditions, intricate crafts and beliefs are just some of the things you learn about during the

cultural tours. You’ll enjoy your lunch in the forest and be able to rest for a little bit. After lunch you will learn about the two tribes that live in the region around the lake – Hadzabe Bushmen and Datoga. The Hadzabe are hunter-gatherers while the Datoga are pastoralists. Visits to the villages give you a personal, intimate look into the daily life of these peoples. After the walking safari you will exit Ngorongoro and check into a new camp for dinner and relaxing evening.

Day 6 & 7: Tarangire National Park

Enjoy a nice breakfast at camp and load up to head into the elephant capital of Tanzania. You’ll enjoy a nice game drive with the chance to see lots of elephants and the big body tree. You’ll make your way to the view sport for a picnic lunch. After lunch enjoy the rest of your game drive and sunset. You will return to camp for a nice dinner and a relaxing eying.

Early in the morning you will rise for a game drive to view the animals in their most active state. Once the heat strikes and your stomach is ready for brunch you will head back to camp for your last safari brunch. After brunch you will pack your things and slowly head out of the park and back to Arusha.

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